Piscis Press features a range of hand-coloured, limited edition fishing prints, based on original drawings by Pady.

The brand explores the oddities, eccentricities and “oops!” moments which happen in-between catching fish, and add so much more fun to the experience!

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Hands drawing Piscis Press


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Anticipation print
Anticipation - £25
Bother print
Bother - £25
Cat print
Cat - £25
Cleverest Things print
Cleverest Things - £25
Exclusive print
Exclusive - £25
Tangle print
Face - £25
Fly print
Fly - £25
Island print
Island - £25
Killers print
Killer Patterns - £25
Knots print
Knots - £25
Neurotics Beware print
Neurotics Beware - £25
Sneak print
Wily - £25
Encumbrances print
Encumbrances - £25