About Piscis Press Jamie 2

Founded by Jamie in 2022, Piscis Press features a range of hand-coloured, limited edition fishing prints taken from original drawings by Pady.

Jamie took the quote ”piscator non solum piscatur” (there’s more to fishing than catching fish) as his inspiration for the brand. There really is so much more to fishing that sometimes, the actual catching of fish seems like the least of it all!

Instead, Piscis Press finds humour in fishing’s little quirks – exploring the oddities, eccentricities and mishaps which happen in-between catching fish, and add so much fun to the experience!

As a keen fisher, although not always a successful one, focusing on the things that happen in-between catching fish suits Jamie well.

About Piscis Press Pady


Based in Lincolnshire, England, Pady has fished and created art all his life.

Having formally trained as a typographer, he went on to produce models and exhibiture for museums around the world including:

  • Australian Museum, Sydney,
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, Japan,
  • London Aquarium,
  • Museum of Natural History, Quebec,
  • Museum of the Earth, New York,
  • The Smithsonian, Washington DC,
  • Uppsala Universitet, Sweden.

His later work in clay and bronze sculpture has been exhibited in galleries across the UK.

Pady’s drawings for Piscis Press combine his two lifelong passions into an ongoing series of prints which reflect the spirit of the brand.

About Piscis Press Pady